GX 601M

GX 601M
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Multi-function oven with 6 modes, details at page 50

Brushed Stainless Steel against fingerprint

Black Tempered Glass

White Tempered Glass also available



Mechanical knob for cooking mode selection

Mechanical knob for temperature setting 50 - 250 °C

Mechanical minute minder 60 mins

More Knob and Handle styles available at page 110

2-layer framed glass cold door with tangential cooling fan system

2-layer full glass, 3-layer framed glass or 3-layer full glass door with tangential cooling fan system also available



5-level moulded side rack

5-level removable chromed side rack also available, compulsory for telescopic guide rail

1 Tray + 1 Grid

More Tray and Grid optional at page 110

70 L Capacity

High Precision Hinge

Soft Hinge also availbale

100% telescopic guide rail optional at page 110

Extra-Slippery Vitrified Enamel for easy and fast cleaning

Eco-Aqua Smart system for effortless cleaning also available, details at page 49

Model & Loading


20' / 40' / 40'HQ

GX 601M

81 / 171 / 228 pc

Technical Data
Voltage 220 V - 240 V, 50 Hz
Nominated Power 2,450 W
Temperature Range 50 - 250 °C
Energy Class A
Product Dimension Detailed product dimension at page XXX
Packaging Dimension 660 (W) x 605 (P) x 660 (H) mm